Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movie Night

It is true what they say: The toirtoise wins the race. Fundraising can definitely seem like watching water boil sometimes, but I know God has a plan and in the end the money will come through. This past weekend we held our movie fundraiser at a local theatre. Originally the rental was only going to be $150, then we sell the tickets at whatever price we like and get to keep the profit. However, later we found out that unless you use the movie currently playing that week, the rental is actually $300 (which we weren't because it was inappropriate). I had heard of other adoptive families in our area do the same fundraiser and make $3000! I was having a hard enough time finding enough people to come to cover the $150 cost! I was worried! So Daniel and I started to pray for a miracle. A packed house. It was days before the movie fundraiser was going to happen, and still very few people were coming. In the end, not only did enough people come to cover the rental cost, but enough people came to make a bit of a profit too. Plus, some unexpected supporters came out, which helped with morale :) In the end we walked away with $250, far more then what I was expecting. Was it the $3000 we had heard of others making? No. But it was one step closer to our final goal of $15,000. Little by little I know we will get there, in His time, not ours. Plus I think this will be great for our ministry (we support others going through the process, providing awareness, information and support). We will be able to show others how to fundraise their money, and not give up when things are slow, or times are tough. In fact, today a friend of mine asked if I wanted to sell my Ugandan jewellery at one of her Norwex parties! It was a huge blessing and I am excited to see where the jewellery business goes. I have 3 parties currently booked for this month, and once the product gets here I am heading out to stores and boutiques to try and get them on their shelves! Who knew fundraising could be a part-time job? I just wanted to post this as a reminder; sometimes miracles aren't big and grand. Sometimes they are the tiny things that remind us God is listening and in control, and that ultimately He will take care of our needs, and the needs of His children.

An update on our fundraising so far: Our goal is $15,000 (Canadian fees, and 3 trips to Jamaica)
Currently we have raised $2511.00! Inching closer! Our homestudy begins in April, which we need another $800 for, and then our dossier can be sent out by July! (another $3000). So in the meantime we will keep chugging away! If you would like to help we would LOVE and APPRECIATE your help! We have added a handy chip-in online donation feature on the right hand side of our blog. All it takes is 124 people donating $100, or $20 a month for 5 months. That doesn't seem too impossible! (Although we are a family that loves the impossible!)
Anyhoo, time to finish some homework (towards my quest for slowly becoming a social worker)!
Until next time!!!

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