Sunday, April 1, 2012

New adoption agency on the horizon.....

Do you ever get so excited about something that you can't even sleep? I use to feel this way right before Christmas. Once I had kids I would still feel this way, excited to see my kids faces. Now, I can't wait to wake up because I am truly LOVING what I am doing!
A few months ago the only Christian adoption agency in our province closed down. It was such a sad day, as there was such a huge need for a Christian agency, and now there are only two remaining Christian agencies in all of Canada. Myself, along with some great members of our adoption support group, decided the need was too huge to ignore. After careful prayer and consideration, we have decided to open a Christian adoption agency!
It seems crazy I know, but somehow, amidst the craziness of it all, I have such a complete sense of calm. I know why too. It is because we are following the Lord and HE is the one in control. Whenever he is in control, you know things are going to be ok, and there is nothing to worry about! When people hear what we are doing they look at us like we are crazy. I am not sure why? All of the craziest events in the bible always turned out so well :) Then again, I'm sure people thought Mary was crazy when she said she..the virgin...was having a baby. I'm sure people thought Moses was crazy for wanting to take on the Pharoah, and people HAD to have thought Noah was crazy for wanting to build the arc. But God carried each of them through their journey's, and I am so incredibly EAGER to see where our journey leads.
This won't be your typical agency. We want to see change. We want to see children brought to their forever families. We want to see an increase in special needs adoptions. We want to see an increase in foster care adoptions, and we want to no longer see finances as a hurdle. If you would like to see how our agency is going to be different check it out here.
It will take a while before we are ready to open. We will be spending the next year preparing, setting up connections, and getting ready for a local, international and domestic adoption agency! If you live in the area please check out our page Home for Every Child Family Services and check out some of our upcoming fundraisers!
Thanks for everyone's continued support and we look forward to see many more children brought home to their forever families!


  1. Praise God!!! I am so excited to see God stirring your hearts in this direction and will be praying about how I can be involved!

  2. Go you guys! I have followed your blog after blog hopping here from somewhere. It is great seeing your heart for orphans come to blossom. Prayers and hopes for your new agency that you may help bring home children to their forever families! We wish we could have found a true Christian agency to work with during our past adoptions and current adoption. Perhaps in the future our paths will cross, until then keep up the hard work....I know you will do it!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement!! Sorry about the late response, clearly school and ministry work has left me neglecting my blog :) Hope everything is going great with your adoption!!