Friday, December 9, 2011

A Starbucks Coffee

Five dollars. That is how much a Starbucks coffee costs these days...well at least the ones my husband buys! That is also the amount we have decided to ask for in our new $5 Campaign, our latest fundraiser! I know, it seems like we are fundraising 24/7, and it's true! If $15,000 was easier to come by more people would adopt! So we have dedcided to see if all our friends and families and everyone who views this blog (which has been a lot lately!) would be willing to donate $5 to our adoption through the chip-in on the right had side, if so we could reach our next goal of $500 to begin our homestudy! I figured $5 wouldn't do too much damage to a person's pocket book this time of year, especially if you swaped it for a Starbucks just one day, but a small number in huge amounts can make big change! So if you are interested in helping us on our journey to adopt from Jamaica, then would you consider donating $5 to us today? We appreciate every penny!

Also, just a note that the chip-in amount shows how much we have raised just through that chip-in. Our first goal for the application was $800, which we reached after our garage sale, and our second amount, to begin the homestudy, is $2400, and we have already raised $1900 towards that amount! Our grand total of fundraising to date is $2700! We have been so blessed by everyone we know and we continue to thank you all for helping us along this journey, we just couldn't do it without all of you! Thanks everyone!

(Ps. if you want to read more about adoption, fostering and children waiting for a home check out our ministry page A Home for Every Child!)

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