Friday, August 19, 2011

The first one...

I know, what a dorky title, haha but it is not the beginning of our lives...not the beginning our kids...really just the beginning of blogging our the first one it was!
I have decided to start blogging! I currently have a website for our ministry, ( but the articles on there are more general and geared towards people looking for information on adpotion and or fostering. I thought I would start a blog detailing our crazy adventures! Afterall, we are busy raising 4 kids with special needs, adoption left right and centre, soon onto number 5, and trying to run a ministry aimed at bringing awareness about the plight of the orphan! But mostly, detailing the lives of raising 4 adopted children with special needs. I know for myself, I always find it encouraging when I read someone else's blog and realize I am not alone in something, or get really helpful information on how someone else did something that worked. Especially with adoption and special needs, I often feel alone, with no one who really understands what I am going through. So there it is! Our life is definitely crazy, always has been, so hopefully somewhere along the way it will encourage someone out there, that your not the only one on life's crazy journey!!

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